What would be the ultimate tabloid/gossip font?

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For a project I've been studying all the tabloid magazines and newspapers (US Weekly, People magazine, In Touch, National Enquirer etc.) and it seems like the magazines that are the most tabloid (hard gossip, politics etc.) are using something along the lines of Helvetica Inserat.

see: http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/gawker/2008/09/nationalenquirersar...

At the same time all the more fashion and celebrity-minded magazines are using the pointy fonts like Verlag, Neutraface or Relay. Sometimes Futura condensed as well.

See http://www.google.com/search?q=gossip+magazines&client=safari&rls=en&oe=...

Can someone think of fonts that are in between these? Or something that can be both when used in different weights or in condensed etc. Masculine enough to convey the 'big shocking sensation YOU HAVE TO READ' but a bit more feminine and fashion-minded (like Verlag etc). It needs to have some condensed cuts as well and it would be nice with something that isn't as overused as the above mentioned (verlag etc.) and with a larger x-height.

Thank in advance.

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Graphik maybe: A geometric grotesque. Might be to calm for your use though. Tabloid slash gossip sounds more busy.

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Would Knockout be a terrible idea? The tabloid I used to work at used a lot of it, and it's surprisingly delicate and playful at the lighter, wider weights.

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John Downer has written that his Roxy has been used a lot in tabloids. It's quite compact.

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I am not sure I understand what you mean by "pointy" since I don't get that feeling from the examples you cited.

Take a look at his and see if is in the arena of what you are after?

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I really like Graphik, but it lacks a condensed variation for this purpose. Roxy seems a bit too old school for me. I've been thinking about Antenna, Flama Semi Condensed and Galaxie Polaris regula and condensed, but they're lacking the more fashion-like aspect I would prefer too.

dezcom, by 'pointy' I was referring to the sharp ends in the uppercase A, M, N, V etc. in Verlag and Neutraface. (not counting verlag condensed and compressed that are less pointy) What the best term for this, if not pointy? I'll check out your photo set.

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I'm pretty sure I heard about a condensed Graphik a while back. Maybe drop them a mail?

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FB Amplitude?

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Brandon Grotesque, Trade Gothic, Avenir, Gotham & Gotham Narrow.

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Hey again. Thanks for some more good suggestions.

I really like Brandon Grotesque, but I'm not sure it would cut if for the very condensed style in most tabloids. Rather than Trade Gothic I've experimented a bit with Benton Sans (it also has both condensed and extra condensed/compressed), but I feel like it's been used a bit too much. The same thing goes for Gotham although the condensed and narrow ultra weight works great. Amplitude has a great range of styles, but too me it seems a bit dated, since it was used so much around 5 years ago.

Has anyone seen Prelo condensed in good use? Although it might be too masculine for the fashion/red carpet stories.

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Gotham Narrow is gorgeous, and not nearly as overused as the normal width.

Also, Austin and Stag, both by Commercial Type, could be interesting choices.

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