Zara Logo (and other fashion/beauty logos Balmain, Lanvin, Ladurée)

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I'm sure these are all custom, but I'm currently working on a luxury project and I would love to know more about these marks. Who designed them? What typefaces are similar? What are they based on? Any information would be appreciated.

Zara (2010)

While I'm at it, here are a few other luxury logos that caught my eye.





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Many of them (like some of these) are heritage typefaces. So they exist or have existed since before digital type design and have a lineage of sensible progression and considered execution. (exclude Zara — strange choice of source material—definitely not luxury?!).

Maybe for you to really plumb the depths or incite some interesting research, you could look at Chanel, Loewe, Dior [Lanvin is good]). I have worked within high-end luxury fashion — specifically logo mark development, and I would say that your best bet would be to look at original heritage logotypes, as they will have a more interesting and documented history.

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Hey Alphapeta,
Thanks for the advice, but I am interested in these particular letterforms. Zara and Balmian were redone within the last couple years. I am interested in the new versions—not the heritage versions.

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Clarins is Americana.

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"LADUREE" is very close to Academy Engraved (except of 'R')

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Thanks guys. This is great.

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