Forgotten Kerning

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It is my pleasure to announce, my contribution to the ATypI conference in Reykjavík "Forgotten Kerning" is now online at

You can access it via menu or directly at

The text is based on my presentation in Reykjavík, Iceland, although I've slightly expanded it and modified some sections.

As Diacritics Project is wiki-based, please feel free to edit or expand the information published on the website.

The printed version of this text will be published in the next issue of TYPO Magazine #45 during October, please check for updates. Don't forget ATypI members are entitled to a discount on subscription (10% one-year, 15% two-years).

All the best from Prague,

Filip Blažek

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With a hearty thank you!

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A helpful resource--thank you very much for posting it!

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Very interesting. In English, the comma usually (but not always) goes inside the quotation marks, Lady," not Lady", but there are exceptions, so it's probably necessary to kern both ways round.
I had no idea that those 'low-9' quotation marks went before the text. I'll have to remember that!
Maybe I'll just stick everything in classes and kern every eventuality just in case.

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In English

I think that should read "In American English..."

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No, in English English too. There are more exceptions in Britain than America though.

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Comma placement also depends on the audience. Hacker types are sensitive to this, since punctuation in the wrong place can foul up a computer manual quite badly. See the Jargon File for more.

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Wonderful resource. I shared this with my entire department.
The Directer of Creative Services sent this email out in response:

"Read and then test your kerning skillz with this:

Note: Anyone caught wasting time with this kerning game during work hours will be publicly humiliated at a time and place of my choosing."

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Bookmarked. Thank you.

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Excellent article!
Very informative, interesting and well presented.
More pairs to add to our test documents :)

I just reviewed a few iKerned fonts, and they seem to cover about 60-70% of this extreme pairs.

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The Kerntype game is horrible misinformation.
Here's an example of what the site proposes as good kerning:

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You're right, Nick, but you're in the wrong thread.

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I was responding to Daniel's mention of
The idea being that there may be a certain amount of serendipitous wandering in a thread, rather than hewing slavishly to the OP's topic.

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Oh, you're right, I didn't see it mentioned here too. I thought you had intended it for this other, recent thread.

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No, I have missed that thread.

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