The impossible? OpenType in an interactive application

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Hello out there in typophile land,

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to display OpenType fonts in a web and/ or interactive application.

Basically, I need to create an environment where I can exhibit multiple OpenType features on a font. I want a user to be able to type in a sentence, click a button, and be dazzled by lovely OT features.

This is for my MFA thesis exhibition, a purely academic, non-commercial project...for now...

Am I asking the impossible?

Thanks in advance!


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thanks for these suggestions...i've got to do some research to figure out if either of these are possibilities for what I want to do...this is a project that requires someone to "experience" the font (by actually typing) rather than "see" it...and i'd prefer if the environment was not InDesign or Illustrator, too many other distractions...

i'll post if either of these suggestions work.

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