Alphaville & Alphaville

Ray Larabie's picture

Nick Shinn's Alphaville, every time I see it

every . . . single . . . time . . .

I hear Alphaville by the Monochrome Set & it gets stuck in my head all day.

Just me?

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I think of Lemmy Caution.

Ray Larabie's picture

Thank you!

joe graham_typespec's picture

Ray, dig out Monochrome Set's "He's Frank" (Slight Return), one of my all time top tunes.

Nick Cooke's picture

Ah, Joe Graham, long time no hear, where have you been hiding yourself?

Yeah, Alphaville, Mr Bizzarro and The Monochrome Set (I Presume).

Ray Larabie's picture

I don't need to dig out anything. Every Monochrome Set song plays back in my head like an mp3 at the mere mention of the title.

eliason's picture

Wow Ray, that's much better than the music that plays in my head when I see it!

Té Rowan's picture

Coulda been weirder... Big In Japan with the pop group Alphaville.

Ray Larabie's picture

@eliason oh, poor you.

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