new fontlab new trouble

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allways get this warning, when i try to generate OTF of a font i am working on:

[WARNING] [internal] Feature block seen before any language system statement. You should place languagesystem statements before any feature definition [/Users/andrejw/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Features/fontlab.fea 20]

does anybody know what i am supposed to do?

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Scroll down on this thread at the FontLab forum for instructions.

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sorry, am i missing something here?
i don´t think there is a link for download below this posting by adam twardoch:

does someone have this file?

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Ah, I think you need to register on the Fontlab Forum (it's free) in order to see attachments.

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yes, i figured it out.

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… still waiting for the sys-admin aproval to my registration on the forum.
i am seroiusly dissapointed by fontlab-support.

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still waiting for the aproval of fontlab-forum.
does anybody check their email-account @fontlab?
sorry guys (adam), but you shouldnt post new updates in your forum when you dont allow people to read or register there.
i am very dissapointed now.

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You probably have a feature in the lower-right box of the OpenType panel. Don’t do that. In fact, don’t use Fontlab’s OpenType panel. Set up all of your code in a text editor and use an include statement to import the code from a file into Fontlab.

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More likely he has no languagesystem statements in his code at all.

I'm a bit reluctant to spell this out further since this issue has now come up in several threads despite the fact that the crucial difference between the old and new AFDKO is described in detail at the FLS Beta download page in the section labelled "Please read the posts below carefully for important information about new features, fixed bugs and known issues", and I don't think Adam or anyone else should be required to continually answer the same question, especially when they had already answered it before it was asked.

The script Adam provides is just a convenience -- it's not needed to fix the problem.


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sorry, but if i buy a piece of software i want a proper support.
i am not going to read or include/exclude scripts in my library sub-folders.
i just want this piece of software to run woithout problems. i have spent 400€ to get
this tool for my own needs and i want something back. if not — no probs, next time i choose
another app. there seem to be some new and more intuitive and most of all, "functionable" tools on the market.
have a nice eve.

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oh and by the way, i still havent got "aproval" for the registered account on the fontlab-forum.

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In terms of 'just working without problems' you are likely to run into the same problem in any font tool that made the transition from AFDKO code 1.0 to the more recent version, because Adobe made necessary changes in that code to make new functionality work. This means that older feature code needs to be fixed up to work with the new AFDKO, and this will be true in other tools, not just FontLab.

This doesn't excuse the FontLab support folk for apparently failing to process your forum approval, or otherwise providing you with some kind of response. But making fonts is a fairly complicated technical process, and being willing to read release notes and understand changes in software is a pretty standard expectation in professional manufacturing tools.

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This doesn't excuse the FontLab support folk for apparently failing to process your forum approval.

Perhaps it's the asking on a Friday afternoon and then the complaining on saturday and sunday there was noone in the office to answer that does it.

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@ theunis:
any excuses for the monday?

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Registration on the FL Forum is indeed a problem.
We usually use support at fontlab dot com to get quick support. Or you can write directly to apetrov at fontlab dot com to get the file and solve the issue.

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FontLab's staff is, AFAIK, scattered across several continents, but it is a statutory holiday in both Canada and the US which might have some effect on them.

sorry, but if i buy a piece of software i want a proper support. i am not going to read or include/exclude scripts in my library sub-folders.

Bear in mind that you're talking about a beta version here, not a final product. Even if you're someone who doesn't normally read release notes, I'd think it wise to read them when dealing with a beta.


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@johnych: thanks a lot!

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BTW, They fixed this with the new release. If you have not already, download it from FontLab.

On a different note:

With "A little Help from My Friends" Erik, Adam, and Frederik, I have finally succeeded in getting Python, RoboFab, and FontLab 5.1 running merrily hand-in-hand with OSX Lion 107.2 and executing Python scripts! Did I say a LITTLE help? That should read "Great Gobs of Gargantuan Help!"

Instructions from Adam Twardoch:

"1. Quit FontLab Studio.

2. Download:

2. In Finder, navigate to the location where you downloaded the .zip
file, double-click to unzip it (if it already hadn't happened). You
should see a folder named "RoboFab226M_plusDependencies".

3. Open the Terminal app

4. In Terminal, type "cd " (with a trailing space) but don't hit Enter.
Drag the RoboFab226M_plusDependencies folder to the Terminal window. You
should see something like this in the Terminal window:

cd /users/[your username]/Downloads/RoboFab226M_plusDependencies

5. In Terminal, hit Enter.

6. In Terminal, do the following:
(Hit Enter after each line. After the first "sudo" you'll need to enter
your administrator password.)

cd FontTools
sudo /usr/bin/python install
cd ..
cd RoboFab
sudo /usr/bin/python install
cd ..
cd DialogKit
sudo mv Lib/dialogKit/ /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/

7. In Finder, do File / New Finder Window

8. If you have enabled "Use custom locations for user data folders" in
FontLab Studio / Preferences / General Options / Folders and paths,
navigate Finder to folder that you've set as the "FontLab Studio user
data files" folder, and skip to step 11.

9. If you have not customized the location, then in Finder's menu,
choose Go / Go to Folder...

10. In the text box that appears, enter:
~/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Macros
and click on Go.

11. Your Finder should now should show a Macro folder with at least
three subfolders in it (Effects, Export and System).

12. Switch to the Finder window that has the
RoboFab226M_plusDependencies folder, and open the subfolder
RoboFab/Scripts folder that is inside.

13. You should see a folder with several subfolders: "Contributed",
"RoboFabIntro", "RoboFabUFO", "RoboFabUFO2", "RoboFabUtils".

14. Select those folders and drag them to the Macro folder in the other
Finder window.

15. Open FontLab Studio and in the Edit Macro panel type in:

import robofab
import dialogKit

If you don't see anything in the Output panel, you have installed
RoboFab and its FontLab macros and DialogKit successfully.


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The download link doesn't work! Anyone have a replacement link? This is the error it spits out:

Not Found
The requested URL /download/current/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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@characters: the 226 download has moved to:

Probably best to use the most current version of Robofab, and dependencies from here:

If you want to store something in your logs, make it the address that always has the links to the latest:

Merry Christmas!

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