Looking for sans-serif with personality for limited headline use on travel website

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Hi all,

I'd really appreciate some advice.

I'm looking for a strong business like sans serif with personality to use throughout a travel website. It will be for the company tagline. Client wants something that is business like without being too corporate. I'd looked at Proxima Nova and Rooney web - is there something between these two that might work?

Help me Typophile, you're my only hope. Any thoughts much appreciated.

Oh they need to support latin language character set and serveable via Fontdeck, Typekit or similar.

Cheers, Matt

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Check out Parachute's Encore Sans.


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Thanks KCH,

That's looking good. Sending client a sample now.

Nice one!

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In case you’d be open for webtype’s service too, they offer some great sans-serifs. Like Agenda, Interstate, Amplitude, Benton Sans, Antenna … http://www.webtype.com/catalog/?tssans=693&wsmedium=866&foundryfb=35

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