which font could this be? Recreate one letter of original bronzecasted font on old building

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I was asked to recreate a letter to complete an old text on a building.
I have the outlines of the existing letters. The letter G is required.
Does anybody have a clue which font it could be, or is it (as I think) handmade, in the thirties or about?

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It is very unlikely that metal architectural lettering from the 1930s was an enlargement of a particular typeface. It is more likely to have been designed based on letters that appeared in lettering manuals of the period. You could research period photos of the city and see if the letters also appeared on other buildings, all ordered from one supplier.

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You might possibly find something to refer to in the Paul Lloyd collection on the typOasis.

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You have the C and the high-waisted E. Everything you need for a G is there.
Why waste time looking for a font? Draw the G.

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