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Hello all, I hope everybody is doing well. I have been surfing Typophile for about a month, and just barely mustered up the guts to sign up. Anyhow, I'm creating a logo for a personal business of mine for designing print work. Which will hopefully one day include web design. Below are a couple logos I have been working on, in their beginning stages.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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The top "pill" doesn't read as a pill. I would suggest never running lines directly through letters. Also, I would try to freehand the script rather than using a script font (or at least use a font with different "d"s).

The second one's a better start, but I'm not a fan of the monogram. It's too busy. In my opinion, if you eliminate the monogram and leave just the full name you'd have a pretty good basis for a logo.

Another alternative: Have you considered that pills have acronyms/IDs printed in a simple font like this? That kind of style, a horizontal pill with just "DAS" might be convincing, with an optional wordmark underneath. That gives you a versatile logo, a simple one (the pill) for branding and then a full version when appropriate. That's a good system for a long name.

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Addict +pill = negative connotation (

In my opinion you should find a solution that communicates you are a design addict in a positive way.

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could this be one of those acceptable usage? i actually like the idea and possible execution. is there a visual that could replace a pill - eraser, pen cap, bottle...etc.

I'd do without the monogram though and widen the pill and less roundness on the pill ends.

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Ok agreed. Maybe.

Maybe a horizontal pill. DAS punched out.

Full name loose.


i prefer the horizontal pill - it's so damn hard to get those things to stand up on end

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