Is 'Begin' ligature possible in a stylistic set?

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Is it possible to have a ligature as a 'begin' replacement in a stylistic set?

The stylistic set replaces a standard 'r' with a cursive style. Most 'r's don't have a lead-in stroke, (see r_e lig in the middle) but I need a lead-in at the beginning of a word.

The 'r' at the beginning in the example uses the code sub @punct r.ss01' by r.begin; but the r_e ligature on the right is the one I want to use. I thought the code sub @punct r.ss01 e' by r_e.begin; would work , but it doesn't.

I hope this is clear. Any ideas?

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Sure. Just do something like this:

ignore sub @lettersThatConnectWithLCr r';
   sub r' by r.begin;
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Is the issue having one-to-one and many-to-one substitutions in the same lookup?

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can't you just have:

sub r' by r.begin;
sub r_e' by r_e.begin;

then make sure liga feature is before ss01 feature in list

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No Dave, it's not a standard r. It is a stylistic set r.

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In what's visible of your code, you have

sub @punct r.ss02 e' by r_e.begin;

You need an additional apostrophe in the above if you want this to be a ligature replacement rule, i.e.

sub @punct r.ss02' e' by r_e.begin;

However, if you want this to occur at the beginning of all words, including those at the beginning of a line, you'll need something like the following:

ignore sub @Letters r.ss01' e';
sub r.ss01' e' by r_e.begin;


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Thanks André - Now it works at the beginning of all words, the problem was the missing apostrophe.

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