ID Desperate appeal.

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I've search thousands of fonts now. My eyes are hurting.
The close i got is Caecillia, very similar but not the exact font.
Any guess? Please!!!!!

Thanks in advance.

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What newspaper did this come from (and from what county)?

The closest I was able to get Tempera Biblio... It's very similar but not exact.

It is often the case that newspaper publishers commission type designers to make exclusive custom fonts tailored to their needs, so, unfortunately your typeface may not be available for public consumption. But with more information we can out if that is the case or not.

Mike :-)

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Its a supplement from the newspaper DN (Diario de Noticias) from Portugal.
Yes you might be right Mike.
But Brioni seems about right or very close. I'm gonna go with that.
Thanks Nina!

Thanks guys, big big help

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