Exclusive Typographic Footwear

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During my talk at the graduation ceremony of the Plantin Institute of Typography on the 10th of September, I mentioned that it is rather strange that visitors of the Museum Plantin-Moretus are allowed to keep their shoes on. One would expect that in this Holy Temple of Typography visitors are requested to take their shoes off. On the other hand, this could have a negative effect on the substance and quality of the atmosphere in the museum, and hence on the precious collection.

So, my suggestion was that future visitors of the museum should wear Plantoffels™. ‘Pantoffel’ is the Dutch word for indoor slipper and the brand name Plantoffels™ finds its origin in the surname and name of Christoffel Plantin. I can imagine though that also outside the museum there will be a lot of interest in Plantoffels™, so these will become available online shortly (exclusively from DTL, of course). The shoe sizes will be defined in several mutually incomparable systems, as in the best typographic tradition.


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Type design and shoemaking in fact have uncanny parallels.

But these look like... Bookman.


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Do they come in Black only?

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I cannot figure out if this is a conceptual Dutch design project or just dry Dutch wit. Of course, they often go together.

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