small-caps in web fonts ?

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Hi all

I have a font I've designed which contains small-caps. When testing the ttf in a browser with @font-face all the characters appear as expected apart from the small-caps.

I have tested in all browsers on a mac, some produce false small-caps but none of them appear to use the small-caps in the font.

Is there something I need to do with the font for a browser to use the font's small-caps ?


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You need to have them in a separate font for now, until true small caps are supported in the most common browsers.

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Currently, the best option is to put the small-caps (and maybe some alternate numerals and stuff) into a separate font file (one for each style/weight, naturally) and refer to it in a CSS class using font-family instead of font-variant. Troublesome, but since the only user yau can make any assumptions abous is yourveryownself...

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