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Hi! I'm designing a book cover about corruption in the school system. the story is based in San Diego.

I took a typographic/lettering approach. The title is supposed to look malevolent, dark, menacing. within the letters, there are scared teens' faces in there.

i'd love to hear what you guys have to say about this. any suggestions on improvements?

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i'm having trouble posting images. i keep getting an error message. so here is a link to the image through

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It's got more of a horror movie vibe rather than corruption. It's very hard to read.
You might want to try to tone it down a bit. How about a black background with red and white type?

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I think you need to work on the legibility of the lettering a little bit. Of course it's meant to be messy but especially the /U/ is nearly invisibly mixed into the rest of it - Figuring it out was almost like a puzzle.

Also, what's with the extreme leading and the full stop in the tagline?

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ok. i made the lettering more legible, i changed the color, so it doesn't look like some kind of murder scene.
How is the subtitle and author type? i was actually having a hard time setting this, i didn't want to do a totally symmetrical centered layout.

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blackquartz, You did not specify how this book is being marketed and sold. For books that will not be in bookstores, but will be marketed through the internet and sold on Amazon or on the author's site, different rules apply. For these books the main point of the cover is to look good as a postage-stamp-and-a-half sized image on Amazon or on the website of anyone who will recommend the book. How the book cover looks as a book is secondary. This is a little bit sad, but that's the current reality. Here are some tips:

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I did not know that these factors existed. I'm not sure how the author is going to market it.
I think he just wants the cover to look decent in real life.

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word of mouth,, press releases and some book stores. posters.

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