Screen Font Suggestions for small sizes

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a san serif that with good hinting to load sharply and legibly at 8pt to 20pt on screen and has at least a regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

I was thinking something like FR Hopper, but open to suggestions. I'm not sure how the hinting is on Hopper, but would be interested to know what you think.


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Freeware or freely available:
Hunky Sans
Liberation Sans
PT Sans

Even if you don't like them, you can still afford a beer.

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Though question. You have to figure out if the default rendering in Win XP is important or not first, and there’s no general consent on that yet.

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Calibri is never a bad choice if you're designing something for a PC screen.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not too worried about price, because the company I work for will purchase it to embed it into their software. The application is a windows only program, so it will likely load on Windows XP, but will more likely be in Windows 7 and sometimes Vista.

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Font Bureau's Reading Edge ("RE") series of webfonts were designed specifically for use at small sizes on screen. Personally, I'm partial to Benton Sans RE, but any real suggestion for a specific family would depend a bit on the context in which it will be used.

(Full disclosure: I am a Font Bureau employee, but have made use of the RE fonts in personal web projects, so can confidently comment on them from that point of view.)

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+1 on Nicks recommendation. Apart from Font Bureau I'd also recommend talking to Monotype (Brian Kraimer or Steve Kuhlman), FSI, Peter Bilak and Dalton Maag.


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Thanks, Nick and Sil. The RE series sounds perfect.

The software is a data mining application where Antenna may be a good fit. I'll have to see how it loads on Windows machines.

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Note that if you're embedding the font in software, then you’ll want to be talking to your font provider(s) about OEM licensing when you’re ready to make final decisions.

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Yep. I'm well aware that we'll need OEM licensing.

Nick, I'm leaning towards Antenna or Amplitude. Who at FontBureau would I get in touch with about the OEM licensing?

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Harry Parker hparker@...

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Paul — Cool. More general info here:

But, as Si indicated (rather elliptically ;-), you can contact Harry directly to discuss OEM specifically. Add the domain to the email prefix Si gave above. With proper agreements & assurances, you can probably also work out a testing arrangement to help you make final decisions.

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Great. Thanks guys.

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