Please Critique

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This is my company logo that i came up with Please Critique it and if you have any pointers please

thank you very much

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sorry i forgot to post my logo

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What does your company do? What kind of audience are you trying to target? What kind of emotion/style are you going for?

From a purely structural perspective, some comments:

- lots of kerning needs to be done here (loo at that gap between the U and A for instance)
- why the rigid red lines for the crossbars but the sloppy, thick brush stroke on the Q (it's causing some dissonance)
- Consider if you even need the red elements (is the uniqueness of the 'Q' enough personality?
- The Q is sitting funny. It's not on the baseline, nor is it dropping enough to seem intentional.
- The scale between the logo and the tagline is too much. There's no way to shrink this down without making the tagline illegible.
- the underscore seems unnecessary

Hope that helps!

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thank you very much I'll try to improve it and when i do hope for your advice again

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The soft edges of the red inside the Q could suggest a mouth with bright-red lipstick, or perhaps some other bodily orifice. Depending on what business you're in, that could be an advantage or a disadvantage.

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my company will be in IT, networking software development import and export its is a corporate business so what do you advice me to do
some of the work that my company will do:
software development
Internal design
3d visualization
import and export
Data recovery
Customized Solutions
Some logistic services

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That's a very odd list.

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I'm not sure why you put that red brush stroke within the Q. Does it symbolize something?

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I think you need to refine the brief. What are the top 3 ideas that the logo should communicate? That list is so broad that you will end up with something generic or cluttered if you try to represent it all. What is essential to the business image?

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The curly decorative Q seems to say everything *but* IT. I think it'd be appropriate for interior design, hair styling--something targeting more of a feminine, luxury type of product or service.

Given that your company appears to be doing a wide range of things, I'd lean towards a simpler solution. Pick a sturdy typeface. Set it inside a block of color. Call it good.

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I agree with "aluminum" above. It's a cute logo but it doesn't work for your applications at all. Furthermore, the typeface reminds me of early-1990s Microsoft branding which probably isn't desirable for a cutting-edge company.

My suggestion is to put it in a drawer and try something else entirely.


reminds me of 1986 Pagemaker... that's showing my age!

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