Free font: Birdy!

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Birdy was especially created during the Graphic Design Walk as part of the London Design Festival.The event was organised by the team of GraphicBirdWatching who invited TypeTogether to participate. Veronika was drawing live this new typeface, Birdy, conceived there and then. A projector allowed visitors to follow her drawing letters and gave opportunity to ask questions directly about the design process. Birdy is now available for free to download. The character set is limited to upper- and lowercase a some basic punctuation. An extension is in progress. Keep in touch for updates.

Download Birdy

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Just what I was looking for. That's nice. Thanks!


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Certainly an interested story behind this, and thanks to this I am now aware of BirdWatching.

Are there any more details as to why this particular broken letter type form? Any relevance to actual birds?


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Hmm... a somewhat interesting take on blackletter. Still, maybe some Norwegian newspaper will redo its masthead with it.

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Lovely, pretty close to one I'm working it, I sense a trend :-)

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That is wonderful.

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