Drive (fim): Mistral re-work?

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Has anyone out there seen Drive yet? Starring Ryan Gosling, basically as a driver. (For all those who haven't seen it, yes, my description is drab, but I wouldn't want to give much away to what I think was a great film and definitely worth the watch.)

Even if you haven't seen it, you may have noticed the promo material:

The hot pink type just jumps out really. Any guesses as to what the typeface is? Well, during the title sequence screening, this type was used consistently for all the actor's names etc; and I could've sworn it was Mistral by Excoffon, which I did found a bit strange having recently read the great article by Matt Soar about Mistral being quite prolific in Montreal of all places. So I came back to do a bit of google-rooting to see if it's been mentioned at all. Then on further comparing this:

with Mistral, it "r" definitely doesn't look the same, but regardless the rest (including first image link) are pretty much identical to the French face. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else shared by surprise in seeing this old gem still appear in a current film.

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There are so many new faces, it's easier to go with a proven classic.

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