Fonts for Medicine Labels?

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I'm looking for some ideas on font pairings for labels which will have a medicine type of look. I might go for a 1800's style, something like this, but probably something more modern like this. Any suggestions at all are appreciated though. I'm kind of drawing a blank here.

The final product will be printed at 180dpi, about 1" high and 1-1.5" wide. The composition will be a company name, then the main focus on the product name, with "drug information" below. The "drug information" will probably require a condensed font, and I need to pay attention to the form of "mg" and the % glyph. Thanks =)

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Font's can be decided for the medicine you are looking for. Like for which type of disease you want the fonts.

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Check out my DDT font. It was made for TV, but has that druggy look. Ask your doctor if DDT is right for you.

A R B O created a display font called Primex, with pharma in mind.

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fredrikrob: this is for "e-liquid", basically nicotine+flavoring used with electronic cigarettes.

The companies get pretty poor treatment from regulators, first trying to get them shut down as making medical claims, and now they are treated as more harmful, conventional tobacco products. So, we are sort of trying to make a statement about this with the typeface(s).

typodermic: I'm still not sure I like anything but the condensed DDT 100%, but looking at the label in your Widefont is Wide post made me like it more. I'll definitely consider these because it is close to one design I had in mind.

Off topic, I like your Wheaton. I appreciate type but I've never and maybe never will create a face myself. For some reason a while back, I really wanted to make a face which is a mixture of that "60's computer font" with fraktur. Somehow they seem compatible and I want to see it made. If you do, I would totally buy it.

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Did you look in Fraktur Mon Amour?

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I did now, and those are neat but not what I was talking about. There's a unique "language" to both blackletter and that sort of MICR style fonts and I wanted to combine them. I probably shouldn't have said fraktur. I think it is other blackletter that has more of a wide-narrow "language" like MICR, then I wanted to draw on some of the quirky-unreadable aspects of both. This could be a horrible idea, and I don't know how to explain it better than that, but that was what I wanted to attempt.

I was lucky to live near a "free bookstore" a while back and picked up some old ones on designing type. There was a name of this type of MICR font but with not only numerals, and I even made a few sketches before giving up, but I would have to go back to this when I have more time. Got enough hobbies I am bad at for now =)

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@analog Good idea. I think MICR would work well with a heavy metal fraktur (Squealer, Graveblade etc) . . . will experiment. Cheers.

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