Latinotype News! | September 2011 | Sánchez, Selaive & Fidel

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Designed by Daniel Hernández

Sánchez is the Latinotype’s first display type family. It is a serif typeface belonging to the
classification slab serif, or Egyptian, that bears a strong resemblance to the iconic Rockwell, but
with rounded edges— offering contrast and balance to the square structure. Sánchez comprises 12
variants, ranging from extra light to black, each of the same x-height. Regular and italic variants are
available for free.


Designed by Paula Nazal

Selaive is a geometric typeface that has an air of rebelliousness. The thick and thin versions give you the chance to play a coquettish and seductive game. Its flourishes make it a very dynamic typeface when composing a text, ideal for those who want to add a personal and glamorous touch to their compositions.


Designed by Luciano Vergara

Fidel Black Essential is a heavily weighted, condensed, sans-serif typeface with a large x-height.
Ideal for short, high-impact headlines, its design is inspired by Russian Constructivism and old
Cuban communist posters. Variants include Fidel Black, Fidel Black Italic and Fidel Black Stencil.

Fidel Black Essential is an excellent choice for headlines, subheadings, posters and logotypes.

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