Photoshop type rendering weirdness

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Has anyone come across any type rendering oddities in Photoshop 7 for Windows? In the sample below, a font provided in a corp id manual rendered very oddly depending on the type size - it appears the turning point (pardon the pun) is 101, at which point it develops odd outlines etc.

type sample

The 3rd sample provided to show whats happening up close.

Has anyone come across this, or know of a way within Photoshop to get around it? (I'd rather not have to set type in Freehand and bring it across as the extra accuracy isn't entirely necessary for screen-based work, before someone points this out :-) )

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Maybe it's some really fancy hinting?
I know that FontBureau has a font that uses hinting to drop out finer features (like parts of a floriated background) the smaller the size.


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I've had the same problem happen to me, David - especially at 99%. I always figured it had something to with hinting (as Hrant pointed out) or something to do with bitmap vs. vector. If you find out what the reason is, do share it!

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Well, I shall take the font home tonight and have a look at it in FLab and see if anything turns up.

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Can you identify the font, maker and version precisely? We at Adobe would be interested in running some tests.


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Hi Thomas.

My pleasure. The font came to me in a style guide from a client and is freebie called Goose, designed by David Buck in 1999 and released via Chank. Well, thats what the readme said, but there's no sign of it at either Chank or SparkyType. Which is a bit odd.

The version is "1999; 1.0, intial release"

I'm off home for the night, Thomas, so if you want to get in contact with me about this for today, please email me at david[at]

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> .... via Chank.

Well then scratch the hinting theory... :-/
And looking at your rightmost zoom more carefully, it can't really be intentional.


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