oipolloi courier

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what is that font... close to courier but not quite.



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I think you're actually right(ish). If I'm reading this correctly, it seems to be Courier New.

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Hi Leo,

The "ENGINEERED GAERMENTS" must be Eng Gothic Thin - (c) 1994 Bay Animation Inc

PS: ...but I just realized that you may not want to id this one... :-)

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thanks dudes, but the one i'm looking for is "UK ORDERS OVER..." etc. that's close but not courier.

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A screenshot would be useful.
Keep also in mind that, due to browser rendering, the same font could appear quite different from what you will see in a graphic app or even in a word processor.

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The bit he's talking about is in an image. Looks like Pica 10 Pitch to me.

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