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I'm trying to create a nested style, which would go something like this:

Title P (2pm)
Title Two P (2pm)

I want to apply a character style to the single character (P).

I tried to do this by running no style up to 1 P, then applying the character style through 1 character. It actually worked, except when there was a "P" in the title. *See attached image.

Any tips on how I could target only the single character "P" and not "P's" that show up in title names??

Thanks, J.

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Hi J
I would suggest to use GREP rather than nested styles.
In Cs5 you will find it in the paragraph styles - GREP.

This will give you the possibility to change the letter "P"
to a different character style. Im just trying to get you
the GREP code as well.

Edit: here a code which seems to work


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Oh yes, being able to change the P to another character would be very nice.

I still haven't wrapped my head around GREP styles, I ought to figure it out...

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Hey Agostini,

Thanks man! Works like a charm. :)

I now know more about GREP styles than ever before! Very useful, I will definitely have to explore the possibilities.

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