Typography newbie looking for advice

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Hi all.

I'm relatively new to serious typography, I've known the basics for a while and happily stayed in my comfort zone using Helvetica, Futura and other essential fonts.

However, I'm now trying to design a corporate look and would like to really utilize typography to get it right.

It's an IT company with a creative side so I'd like the types to reflect that, but not be too "designery" since they are still rooted in hardcore systems design.

The challenge is to find fonts that would work both in print/PDF and web (using font face). At the moment I'm leaning towards using PF Din Display Pro for headlines, most likely a light weight, and PF Centro Serif Pro for body text. My reasoning being that Centro is quite peaceful and sort of fades to the background while still being modern and fresh enough and DIN just looks nice as a headline font and is not Helvetica since I think I've overused it lately :)

Any thoughts? My biggest fear is that the combination of DIN and Centro won't have enough tension, which would make the designs fall flat. Sorry I don't have any example pictures for you but I'm still in the early stages of wireframing and doing really basic design tasks but I'd like to get typography sorted early on in the design process.

Thanks in advance,

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For something similar to Din but a bit … well, different, try Interstate.

Centro doesn't look that interesting to me. And I'm not sure how well it would go with Din. It would seem to go better with something like, well, Centro Sans. However, the combination might work very well.

Even so, neither of these faces say "creative" or "IT" to me.

Have you considered one of the bolder weights of Ideal Sans, which is solid but a bit quirky, with maybe something like Warnock for text?

A couple other suggestions for text:

Some suggestions for display:
Possibly good old Myriad?
Quadraat sans
Scala sans
Seria sans

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