Sans Serif similar to Castle

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Any help gratefully received. Shadows on the text make ID by What The Font or What Font Is too difficult. Need to recreate logo for client. Thanks Bronwyn

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Suggest it might be from the Optima family and been condensed.

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Many thanks for your speedy reply Scottie. I had a look at Optima but the slightly cupped terminals on the Capital T cross bar and the variable widths on some of the uprights like h and l are not quite right....will keep looking. Agree that whatever it is has probably been condensed.

Kind regards Bronwyn

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Thanks heaps Antoni - I had only looked at Optima (which I have), not Optima Nova (which I don't yet have). I think you are right - it has the slightly different a and s.
Appreciate your help guys - both on the Optima Trail!

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