Los Angeles Printers Fair

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I just wanted to let everyone know about the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair which is coming up on Saturday October 1st 9am-5pm

The Fair is located at 315 Torrance Blvd, Carson, CA 90745 and admission is $5

The fair supports the non-profit International Printing Museum and its educational mission and is suitable for all ages. Students, Educators, families, enthusiasts, collectors, typophiles, bibliophiles, graphic designers, artists and professionals will enjoy the varied demonstrations and array of vendors. Children are welcome but need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Even if you’ve been to the Museum before, you’ll see new vendors and materials at the Fair.

• Letterpress “Swap Meet:”
• General Gallery Tours
• “The 40’s Shop”
• Additional demonstrations include relief printmaking, silk-screening and papermaking.
• Purchase beautiful letterpress-printed pieces, artist books, gorgeous handmade and commercial paper/envelopes and more from one of our vendors.
• Screen-print a tee-shirt with the Night Shift crew for $15.
• Live Music

We are also still looking for volunteers either Thursday/Friday to finish setting up or on Saturday to help with the fair itself. If you are interested in volunteering or have additional questions feel free to contact me or the museum directly at fair [at] printmuseum [dot] com
(volunteering for as little as 2 hours will get you into the fair for free)

Thanks a lot and I hope to see some of you there!


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the los angeles printers fair is in torrance?

well, i guess if the l.a. angels are in anaheim... ;+)


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At least our fair was still in LA County, the Angels are not ;)

its a bit of a trade off here, if you live under the smog generated by LA you can still consider yourself part of LA

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inkxel said:
> smog

fair enough! :+)

of course, most of the smog
hovering over torrance probably
was generated in long beach...

or wilmington, to be precise.

somehow, though, i think that
"the wilmington printers fair"
won't have the same ring to it.

sorry i wasn't able to make it,
however. i bet it was smashing.


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