Simon de Colines

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Hi Typophiles!

I'm starting a new type proyect, trying to interpret scans of books printed by Simon de Colines. My question is: Has somebody done this before? Does it worth it?

I really like the printer history and letterforms.

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See starting proyect PDF here

Thanks and kind Regards.

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Any information is welcome!

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Émilie Rigaud named her typeface Coline to honor this printer. Perhaps she knows some places to research.

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I've sent a mail to Émilie. Hopefuly she'll answer...

Thanks J!

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Kay Amert from the University of Iowa did a presentation on Simon de Colines and Geofroy Troy at ATypI Vancouver 2003. See:

As I remember it she focused on interpreting the letterforms of both.

Also, see:

Peter Enneson

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Thank you Peter,

I'll try to get in touch with her!

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Fernando — That’s not really going to be possible. You may have already discovered: Kay Amert passed away a few years ago. R.I.P.

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