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I got a book the other day and thought it'd be of interest here. It's called The Education of a Design Entrepreneur, edited by Steven Heller.

There is great range in the subject choices. Interviews with Gary Baseman, Stefan Sagmeister, Clement Mok and Chip Kidd to name a few.

The best part...interviews with Rich Roat, Erik Van Blokland and Rudy Vanderlans.


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Actually, no. The book I got in May. Apollo 26 goes back to last year. Nevertheless, the book is excellent.

ps our site is up. I was going to announce something in the News and Events but haven't got to it yet.


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/Resurrecting a dead thread/

I just got this book myself and am looking
forward to a good read.

Was this a catalyst for your Apollo26 gig?

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