Nika: a quirky display face

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The first release for Typecaste is finally here. Nika is a display face for publications, branding and web. Simultaneously thin and chunky, Nika has a sophisticated quirky personality. Available at

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Nice stuff, congratulations!


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Shoulda named it Luna Lovegood.

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@sans sleep: Thanks!

@Té Rowan: They do have a lot of similar personality traits, don't they?

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@Arlo Vance - Enough that it was the first thing I thought of.

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Luna Lovegood?
I googled that, expecting a Bond femme excelling in the oral arts, but found … Harry Potter.
What was JK thinking?!

At any rate, the face is outrageous, although the serif on "e" breaks the spell for me.

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wow This is really good:) I love it!!

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@Nick Thanks! (I think)
I see what you mean with the e. Perhaps an update with an alt is in order.

@Khaito Glad you love it. It was a joy to create.

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Although I like radical experiments, I generally stick to the internal "rules" of a typeface, rather than make exceptions for the sake of appearance. But your premise, that only the "o" be unserifed, is also quite logical.

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