Serif that goes good with Blur?

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Hey all, I was working on a GD resume for giving out to potential internships and I was curious as to what would be a good compliment to Blur?

Here is what it looks like for those who don't know exactly if that helps:

I obviously want a good contrast to the typeface and ideally would like it to be serif. The blur type on the page is used for header obviously. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alex, I'd suggest you not to use Blur at all. Your potential employer might get the wrong impression; as if you are trying too hard. I would stick to using one font by applying different weights, styles and sizes. You could use Scala for body and Scala Sans(Bold) for headings. In case if you go on using Blur, then Times is a good choice.


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Thanks for the suggestions. Hmm, I guess I didn't think about it like that, and it wasn't more or less me trying too hard but me wanting to have fun designing my resume - I'm still sticking to a grid layout. I have the Scala family so I may do two separate resumes and get my teachers to compare the two. They're all close to AIGA so they're opinion should be valid as well. Thanks! :)

PS I actually usually stick to the more traditional typefaces which is why I had an interest in blur.

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