Handtooled Font?

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I can't seem to find this font anywhere, it's slants are at an angle and it is thicker than the Slanted shaded antique roman that I found previously.

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There is a font called Roman38 Sample
and the copyright field reads:
Copyright (c) 1995 by Richard M.Coda and PC Type Desktop Publishing.
For information on purchasing the full character set of these fonts
please call 908-370-9619 or Compuserve 73700,2307 or AOL: rcoda@aol.com

The glyph outlines are matching your sample, but the shading/slant is different on each glyph, so I suppose you have to purchase the specific font you want to use.


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I am Rich Coda and I created the Roman 38 family of fonts, based on some old engraving fonts we used to use at when I worked as a typesetter for a legal stationer. Feel free to contact me if you would like to purchase this font. richard.coda@gmail.com (that old contact info is no longer valid)

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