nbspace error in FontQA

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Ran FontQA on my font. It had an error that says: "Some composite glyphs have empty components. nbspace->(space)."

From this I take it that it is saying that there is something wrong with my nbspace glyph, and also my space glyph? It's calling them composities? But they're blank!

Can anyone wager a guess as to what this could be about? Thanx!

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see FontLab Forum


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My guess is that you created /nbspace/ as a composite of /space/, rather than simply copying the glyph. I'm not sure whether there is anything technically wrong with a non-outline composite, but the easy solution is to replace the /nbspace/ glyph with a simple copy of the /space/ glyph or just decompose the composite.

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Thanks for the help guys! I'm going to try that ASAP and I'll let you know what happens.

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Your answer on the Fontlab Forum worked! Thanks!

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I needed to decompose it.

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