Removing Unicode-Double-Mapping

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I found an error in my font when I tested it with FontQA. It showed me that I had some glyphs that had somehow picked up double unicode names.

When I click the magic emerald next to the Unicode name field in the rename glyph pop-up window, it actually makes both names appear!

I can't find any way to fix this problem, or know what has caused it.

Can anyone please help?

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please see my comments in the FontLab Forum.


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In what sense is this an error?

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@ John Hudson:

It's an error according to FontQA, and I think I'd better fix it.

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It isn't an error so long as both Unicode characters are appropriate to the glyph. I have plenty of fonts with double-encoded glyphs, and even a few triple-encoded. You should bear in mind that some of FontQA's messages represent the in-house production preferences of a particular font foundry. I prefer Font Validator, which checks against the OT font spec, rather than against particular choices made from among equally valid options.

The only reason why you would deliberately want to avoid double-encoding is if you were aiming to provide a single path from glyph name to Unicode, which is something that Adobe and some customers like because it enables reconstruction of text strings from raw glyph IDs in PDFs distilled from print streams. But this is a particular application issue, and not a font format requirement.

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@ John - you're right.

For some reason when I fixed a couple of other errors tonight, this error went away, so aparently FontQA no longer cares if I have double encoding.

I have now gotten FontQA to come up with no more errors. I feel great.

I plan on using Font Validator too. As soon as I install Windows on my bootcamp system on my mac.

Thanks for your help.

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