"Average Font" Experiment

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Someone took 900 fonts and overlaid, at low opacity, every version of each character.

(found via swiss-miss.com)

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Related: dot-font: Neutral Sans? and Kai Bernau’s Neutral

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Adrian Frutiger did something like this with his type designs (but left out Ondine!)

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Hilarious. I started the same project c 2007 years. The task now is to generate a computer algorithm that can match human subjectivity (Good luck with that. One letter with 100 layers @1% opacity took me ~3 hours and a pitcher of beer. Our last attempt with an algorithm that came even close would have taken an average Mac tower ~3 months). Inspired by Galton’s composite portraiture (as Nick illustrated) and Posner’s work on prototype formation. Hence the name of the typeface, ProtoType™

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With this method, you only get the set of common elements, a blurred area, while the lettershapes should be rather interpolated.

Below: interpolation vs composition (blurred and tresholded to match the interpolated shape).

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