Testing your font on Windows - necessary to test it both on Windows 7 and XP?

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I'm a mac user but I have boot camp set up on my mac and I'm about to buy a copy of Windows on ebay, so that I can test my first font on it.

I was wondering if any of you guys think it's necessary to test on both versions of the latest Windows systems. Half the people out there use 7, and half are using XP. Is there a difference in how they handle fonts, or what? I'm thinking about buying both and testing on both if I have to, but only if necessary.

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.

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Yes. And it's huge! It's huge even internally in XP.

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While some newer apps use DirectWrite in Windows 7, wouldn't older apps using GDI font objects render text just the same as XP? As far as XP's various font settings, ClearType can be disabled in Win7 using the ClearType tuner, and antialiasing as well with a registry edit.

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Sorry, I misread your post. Win 7 is fine. Turning off Cleartype, as gargoyle said, will give you the same rendering as default Win XP settings.

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Thanks guys, but I'm not concerned about how the font displays as long as it works okay. I just want to test it in various basic apps and see if there are any errors.

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