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Hi All,

I'm after some advise. I'm using Futura Bold as a logo and I have set the kerning space at 40. I'm just wondering if this looks OK or is the kerning needs altering.

Thanking you in advance,


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What program are you using? I think you mean you've set the tracking to 40 (perhaps -40?). Kerning is between individual letters.

Kerning is partly a matter of taste and desired effect, so there's more that one way to skin a cat. I would say that the apparent space between the A and the Z is too great compare to the ZE space. How to fix this? Loosen the ZE pair, tighten the AZ pair, or do both. My first inclination would be to loosen the ZE a bit.

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Hi Jason, characters A and Z are too close. The way they are at the moment, I see them create an arrow/lightning. I don't know whats the logo for, but maybe you could use the negative space to your advantage, by altering the letters?


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Thanks! Yes, I have set the tracking to 40. I guess it's just a matter of playing around with it until it looks right I guess. It's evenly spaced at present but it doesn't look right to me. Thanks for your help.

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In a word like this, your AZ pair will be the limiting variable. Get these in the relationship you want — touching? not touching? how close/far? — then work with the other two pairs so that they look balanced and equivalent.

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Thanks everyone! Fantastic information.

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The acute stem joints of "Z" are oddly treated in the bolder weights of Futura.
In the light weights, all acute joints are pointed, with this becoming a flat terminal in the heavier weights. But not for Z, and hence the problem here.
Use a different face for this combination of letters, or redraw the Z.

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