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neu solutions logo

This is for an web development/hosting company.
As approved by the client but I still have some time/leeway to tweak. I would very much appreciate any advice, but all comments are welcome.


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I like it. My suggestions:
--Round off the ends of the strokes that make up the "e".

--The dash in the middle of the logo looks a little heavy to me.
Reduce the height just a won't take much.
Round off the ends, too.

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Beauty Design, i like it too.

> post more different examples with the roundness of the n-e-e-u, and make the union of the strokes more rounded. By other way, you can try the stroke of the e at 45%, taste on diferent colors, the stroke of the e too.

i love to see that trama on the left on colors or greys...


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b WpI like the simplicity and comcept, but wonder is it appropriate to the industry? It is unlike anything else I have seen for web hosting companies (most are terrible) but the first thing that came to mind before I read what it was, for tah it looked like it was for the cosmetics / personal hygiene industry type of client .
The pattern is really nice, is this part of the branding as well? I would like to see it larger. Also I agree with Kyle, it needs rounding . What is the type used in "Neu Solutions"? I took the liberty of a mock-up of my own- hope this does not offend anyone. Mock-up with slight angles

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Thanks for the crit, sorry I've taken so long to reply, I've been swamped with other work lately and Neu is just starting up.

I've attached a swf showing some of the variations we had been looking at. Most of them include rounded ends on the e.

application/x-shockwave-flashneu variants
neu.swf (4.1 k)

ole, I agree that most hosting companies logos are terrible, so I didn't feel like there has been to much of a precedent set for the industry. Also the company will be offering design services that are far superior to most hosting companies that just kind of throw that in. But perhaps this couldn't hurt to look more techy.

The font is just good ol' Gill, which I chose for its circular

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