Fonts similar to Bodoni

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I'm working on an artist monograph, and I'm looking for a classic, elegant & geometric typeface such as Bodoni. Can be a bit more avantgarde.
I'd use Bodoni but somehow I feel it's been used and abused, so I'd be grateful for any suggestions of fonts that would create the same effect, but are bit "fresher" for the eye.



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Just checking: Is this for text?

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It's for the titles and quotations, the text is in Verlag Book, or whichever sans serif that "sits" nice next to Bodoni.

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Currently I can think of these Bodoni-like faces:

Khunrath's Justus (has a wee bit of Life BT in it).
Jos Buivenga's Geotica.

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A couple of ideas from the 'avantgarde' corner: ? Maybe too Display.

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Thanks all, there are some really good tips here!

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