Russian-style font - 'The Firebird'

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I'm having no luck finding this font (or something similar).

It's from the cover of 'The Firebird', a collection of Russian Fairy Tales from 1935 (I think). Here's a link to the full cover:-

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Unfortunately it looks to be hand-lettered - the slight differences between the /E/s and /R/s are a dead giveaway.

The only typeface I've been able to find which mimics Old Church Slavonic (which is the writing system that's been inspirational here) is ParaType's Izhitsa. Unfortunately it's not as good as the above ans shares few other characteristics.

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Oh no, here's another bunch:

All unfortunately pretty risible.

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Paratype has several;
(click on "ustav", half-ustav, etc., and look through the links on the bottom of the page).
Also related:

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Thanks for your help - I feared that would be the case.

If I get time, I may try and recreate it.

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