A Heart for you!

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Here are my greetings for all my friends at Typophile.com!
From the deepest of my heart, I wish you all the best things you are waiting for.

Warmest regards,


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Hi Jared!

Thanks for your greetings.
I am a bit surprised by your cryptic (":p"???) reaction. I assumed a message of hope and an invitation to get rid of 9-11 horror will be a good way to enter this brand new year...

I want also to make myself clear: I didn't post this e-card to start a polemical discussion but only to sincerely send my greetings.

Happy new year to you too!


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Very nice, Gerard.
Happy 2002!


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aw shucks G, you shouldn't have :p

Happy new year!

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that was my sad attempt at a smiley face sticking out his tongue. I guess I'll stick to letterforms.

Thanks for your heartfelt greeting-


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Very cool.

May 2002 be happy, healthy, prosperous and PEACEFUL for all of us.

Happy Hew Year, all!


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