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Hello All,

Looking to update my resume as I have just completed my B.A. in Graphic Design Communication and currently job hunting. I have designed a simple logotype for myself using Herbert Lubalin's ITC Avant Garde, for I recognize the strength of his geometric display face.

Please click for larger image:

I previously made the mistake of applying Lubalin Graph as a complement to AG because it is a slab serif form of the AG. However, I wish to alter my decision to a more appropriate solution and not sure what direction to go.

I require a type for headings and slight body copy that won't dilute the logotype but harmonize with it. Should I look for a serif with a large x-height? Frankly I am at a loss and any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't take this the wrong way but if you just finished a degree in design then you should be able to figure out the design yourself. I see too many "designers" coming on here and asking design advice, trying to get other people to pick out major design decisions for them.

Instead, do some tests. Make different versions with different typefaces. See what looks good to you. After all, if you are promoting yourself then don't go with whatever some random internet-person tells you. Do what YOU like and what will best represent YOU. If you "recognize the strength of his geometric display face" then you should be able to recognize when a font properly "harmonizes" with it.

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I have researched and tested it and will continue to do so, but representation of one's self is more difficult to define than for another, for the subject is personal.

I am not suggesting that I will lightly take the suggestions provided on this forum, but I feel that strong design can be best achieved with sound advice, guidance, and outside input from like-minded others.

In most firms designers work in creative teams, so input is something I greatly value and can aid me in my search through the myriad of typefaces out there.

So please don't take my inquiry as you design it for me, but rather an explorative question to possible design outcomes that I can apply to help formulate the best solution.

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Well, there's your answer: Myriad.

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Sheesh, what's with the snappy replies? These forums have certainly seen inquiries both less thoughtful and less valid.

To the original poster: It's a good thing that you're rethinking the Lubalin Graph – it would harmonize, obviously, with AG but it's a beast to read for any length of text really. If you try to match via contrast instead, you have quite a big variety of options (probably so many as to be dizzying though!). You might first try to go as far as you possibly can (try a soft/calligraphic serif, like Dolly) then gradually move «back» (try something with less contrast, less softness) – maybe.
I'm thinking the real challenge is to not make the type selection look like an afterthought, since your logo is very coherent and deeply rooted in the AG. Your future visual identity will somehow have to bridge, and be defined by, both the logo and the type choice/treatment. I'm not sure what to recommend, but I tend to think you shouldn't so much try to think of fonts that would «go with the logo» than fonts that, together with this logo, could make for a strong identity. Does that make any sense?

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I’m not exactly sure why, but I would go with a Didot.

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Thanks for the input still testing ideas. @Nina I think contrast for body text is what I'm aiming for now and potentially using a much lighter weight of AG Pro for headings without the alternative characters.

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I think a Didone would look good too. That said, keep in mind that Avant Garde and Bodoni are heavily used in the fashion industry. That's not necessarily a pro or con but something to consider.

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After much toil, I choose to make the headings Avant Garde Pro: extra light and the subheads are book oblique. The body copy I went with Optima regular. @aluminum: I don't have Didone on my machine but thanks for the suggestion and added awareness of AG and Bodoni usage in fashion world.

Here is an optimized JPEG sample from the PDF Resume:


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leave the intertwined SS. the AA combo is enough.

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I like what you did here. Using the lubalin family keeps a branded feel. The only suggestion I have is to watch out that 'personal experience' might read as a single title. Perhaps contact and personal info could be grouped with the name at the top, maybe left justified against the logotype?

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EBDesign, I agree with the comment above. What's with the snappy reply? I thought that's what forums like these are for? I've been in the design industry for almost 20 years and I still post to forums for ideas. I'm not asking anyone to do my work for me, rather I'm interested in input, brainstorming and sometimes, because I work independently in my own business, I even crave creative direction.

So let's lighten up. We're all in this business together.

Aaron, I love Avant Garde. It's a difficult type to compliment and I think you've done a good job. Your resume looks clean, sharp and attention-getting. My only suggestion is to also do a version on white. Consider the PR person who has to read 100+ resumes. Reverse type is the hardest to read so in situations such as that, you may want a white version.

Good job Aaron. Lookin' good.

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It's very nice, though keep in mind that no one is going to want to print that resume and use up an entire month's worth of ink or toner in doing so. For PDF, I'd stick with white backgrounds.

I second Luma's comment about 'PERSONAL EXPERIENCE' reading as one title. Perhaps the address block could be moved entirely out of that area.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, It is much stronger than my former resume in both written copy and design. I am one step ahead of your suggestions on the black and white version, for I have already drafted one for easy copying and will be bringing in the above color version for formal interviews and direct screen download from my portfolio site.

@ Luma Vine, I concur with the personal experience combo, tomorrow when I have access to my machine I will juggle the copy perhaps or maybe use another word rather than "Personal."

I formerly placed my contact info top left justified against the logotype which I can upload tomorrow to for comparison, but I was not a raving fan of it post doing. I believe it cluttered up the negative space surrounding my name on the top. However, that doesn't mean I won't attempt it again.

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