Does anyone know the Kingsford® charcoal logo font?

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I need to know this one pronto.

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It would be easier to have some answer if you provided some sample.
Are you talking about this one?

Or maybe you need just something like this:

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I need the name of the font, though. I know what the logo looks like. I don't need to download it.

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riccard0 was saying that IF you need the name of the font, it would be a good idea to provide us with a DOWNLOAD of the logo so that we could identify the font for you. Your knowing what the logo looks like doesn't help us. Or, at least, it doesn't help those of us without ESP...

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It's plainly custom-drawn. If you want to imitate it you'll have to work, or find someone who can.

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^ Thank you. Someone who answered my question.

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