optical sizes and more

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I have a couple of doubts that I never understand the true meaning of some.
For exemple:

When some description about typefaces refer the feature: optical sizes, what the really difference from the types without this feature?

A good hinting of a typeface, really give much more legibility on the screen, but what are the techniques for make a really good hinting typeface?

This are two questions that occupy my head for some long.

I am most interested in knowing the answer to these questions, and the more detailed the better.
if you lose your time to answer me, thanks a lot!


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Even some book references help me…

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This will explain the optical sizes:

About Adobe Garamond Premier:

If you want a deeper understanding, check out this book by Tim Ahrens:

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Another question is about phonetic alphabets. What the real meaning of it?

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