Opentype Kern only with or without expanded kerning, what is your opinion

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I like to mantain only opentype kern feature and not use expanded kerning.
I know this creates a limitation but I tend to think things are evolving, I don't want to build fonts compatible with Win98 or something.

In other hand I know some famous software still lacks Opentype kern support, more notably Myfonts site and OS X Font Book (already filled a feedback form here

What are your thoughts about this subject?

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I build my kern tables in MetricsMachine, export a feature file, and compile it into my fonts. Non-Opentype kerning does not exist within my workflow. I guess if big publisher ever wanted a 1,000-seat license with type 1 fonts I would be screwed, but otherwise it saves me from a lot of headaches.

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Totally agree. Kinda shocked in discover that Firefox is the only browser I use that renders Opentype Kern feature.
No luck with Chrome or Safari in september 2011.

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