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We are a video production company that has been around for about 15 years, and want to update our logo. Here are variations of what we have come up with so far. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Flying_Monkey_logo 2011 Reversed on Black sm.jpg69.63 KB
Flying_Monkey_logo 2011 v1 sm.png21.75 KB
Flying_Monkey_logo 2011 v2 on white sm.png29.17 KB
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Can we see your original logo too?

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It's hard to evaluate a logo without knowing more about the company, and the image the company wants to project. What are you trying to communicate through your logo?

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I know flying monkeys aren't exactly neat. But I find your composition is a bit to bussy, messy, chaos.

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You've got a huge empty space between the words and an image that can't quite be positioned inside it. I would close it up to a normal word space and perch the monkey on top of the M.

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I love Jeremy Dean's Crackhouse but it was very hot in the mid 1990s. All products sold in those those years were extreme. In order to convey to the buyer that their products were sufficiently extreme, distressed fonts were used. Years later, Crackhouse use went down because new products were not even close to being as extreme as their mid 1990s equivalent. Teenagers now consume nachos which fail to set their hair on end or even produce a mild grimace. Even today's most extreme curly fries would induce a coma in yesteryear's teens.

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is there a way you could design the logo to represent a monkey head and then add wings to its side?

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The graphic looks a bit Wizard of Oz to me, which I think is a dated concept and probably won't resonate with todays younger market. Why not change the graphic to something like the top of a monkeys head (from the nose up) and have him wearing some old style pilots glasses. The other alternative is make you graphic smaller and rely on the wording to be evocative. I would definitely loose the camera, it looks a bit amateurish.


my first post here...

my first thoughts are the monkey is squatting (albeit with wings)

and that the typography was too (and not for effect) broken...

just before i started typing - the concept that popped into my head would have explored the shape of the old fashioned movie camera and a monkey's face drawn along the lines of the paul frank logo

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