Freight Text / Display : looking for alternatives

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Hey Typophiles,

I really love Freight Text and Display, but for some reason (a competitor is using it) I would like to find an alternative. I'm looking for the same fresh angular feel, and same versatility (lots of different weights, small caps, etc.).

I'm thinking Guardian Egyptian, Stag Serif, etc.
Any other suggestions?

By the way, it'll be used in a new literary magazine.

Thanks so much!

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Have a look at the work of Dino dos Santos

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Interesting. Thanks Renko !

Any other ideas ?

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Maybe Vesper from Motaitalic, an outstanding and recent piece of work. It is a different category, more a wedge serif, but the description “angular” fits, plus it is not associated with anything when it comes to branding as far as I know, so that is a plus. Many weights, many characters, great use of contextual alternatives to improve the appearance on the page. A typeface with great potential.

Other than that, Fontbureau has some text typefaces which are a closer match.

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