Font suggestion: an alternative to CG Symphony

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Currently, we are using CG Symphony for all the marketing (print; screen – big text saved as images). Aesthetically, the CG Symphony is just fine. We need to expand language support (tricky ones are Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian) but CG Symphony’s character range is quite small.

What could be the worthy (and similar!) alternative to CG Symphony? Properly hinted webfont version would be a great bonus. At least: normal, italic, bold and bold italic.

Thank you.

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Isn’t that just Compugraphic’s *ahem* version of Hans Eduard Meier’s Syntax?

Seems like Paratype’s fonts of Bitstream’s “version,” called Humanist 531, will probably offer the best language coverage beyond Latin.

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Yes, yes, it's true... CG Symphony = Syntax. I was there during the big "CG" development phase. It was during the "we won't license to Compugraphic" days by the majority of European foundries. You can generally find the original equivalent typeface of a "CG" font by the first one to four letters:
CG Palacio = Palatino
CG Omega = Optima
etc. (with the exception of CG Triumvirate = Helvetica)

Just a bit of useless type development history.

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