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Hello Everyone, I would greatly appreciate your help with critiques on these logos. Here's the backstory: It's the logo for an italian restaurant that is reopening with an updated name. It will be a casual elegant, lunch and dinner dine in restaurant with a wine bar. It will also serve as a business lunch and corporate event restaurant on the side.

The client requested a griffin to be part of the logo. There are 2 basic logo variations, one with the main name in print and the other phrase in cursive; the other logo has the main name in cursive with the other phrase in print. The layout and color scheme is not finalized, so I would also appreciate any feedback.

After showing a preview to the client, he requested to see a no cursive, all print logo, a crown and implied penis added to the griffon...(Last image)

*This is my first post, if I am missing any needed info I would be happy to add. I appreciate all your help! Thank you.

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I really like the Perugino typeface from the second option. It alone could easily work as a logo. For that reason I would consider using some plain serif for "il nouvo ... enoteca", definitely not your current choice as it competes with Perugino.

In the same vein, I really do not like the choice of Perugino typeface in 1st and 3rd options. It makes the logo look old and it has this feel of a smaller Italian restaurant... of a family kind, but neither modern nor refined.

As far as the griffon goes - it doesn't appear to make much difference if it is there or not. It looks like a part of a background, so one can replace the griffon with a basket of petunias and no one would really notice :)

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You need to make either the name or the griffin the dominant element. In #1 and #3 the name is clearly dominant, but in #2 those elements are kind of fighting for dominance and your eye doesn't know where to go first.

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Look at anything done by Louise Fili for inspiration.

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Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

The 2nd option is also my favorite; Unfortunately, the client has chosen the text in the 3rd option, all print. I truly think the 2nd with a serif would be the one.

As far as the griffin goes, it has been difficult to incorporate into this layout. I can't find an aesthetically pleasing way to nestle it in there somewhere and he just sticks out awkwardly..

I was asked to redo the griffin to be exactly as the one in the Perugia crest. He is a bit too aggressive for my taste, especially to combine into the logo of a restaurant.

Below is the color scheme he is leaning towards...

Below is my intent on integrating the new griffin... The colors are a bit too dark... I also added a border around the name to see if it would help 'tie it together'.

Any ideas on what else I could try? Any color / layout suggestions? Thank you

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I know you're working with an existing crest, but try pointing the griffin the other way (to the right). Since we read left to right, an image of a person or animal that's looking to the left can subconsciously be perceived as looking backwards.

Another option might be to have 2 small griffins, one on each side, looking towards the center. This might not work as well but I'm just mentioning it as another approach.

As you mentioned, the colors are dark. Try printing the logo in the size it'll appear on the menu, and then sit at the darkest table in the restaurant and see if the logo is still legible.

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thanks so much for all your feedback!

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i think you have overcooked it with the typography. You have in effect used 2 display fonts in 3 lines, looks messy, I would suggest you substitute the font top and bottom lines for something a simple like a condensed bold sans font with some letterspacing through it.

The main line has some weird widths on the letters, the R really wide compared to the U and the O, the general effect is it all looks jammed in, and does not read well.

If you are stuck with that image of the griffon, I would suggest you use the solid version, it looks cleaner and more modern. try using the griffon in the light grey on the dark grey background. Position the griffon over to the left as in the first sample and make it bigger. then have the lettering positioned to the left of it coming flush right up to the griffon. This will take you eye into the griffon, and all the components will function as one piece. This layout is more modern than the centred version. see suggest version attached

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I think Ckret makes a great point.
It's really important for a restaurant logo to be legible and easily put into a sign format. As that is the often way people find a restaurant... driving by, being intrigued by the building and logo and deciding to try it. (of course word of mouth is even more powerful, but drive-bys are still important).
Brochure Designers

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(Warning: Amateur opinion)

To me, the greatest problem with the original poster's designs are the lack of contrast. The dark reds and purples are as good as invisible on the dark grey background. The gold-on-maroon of the second image is pretty, though.

I agree the cursive font is prettier than the caps, but it reads "ferugino" to me...

Haloguy's arrangement is definitely more balanced and harmonious than the previous ones. I'd probably make the three text lines evenly spaced, though (which may be an beginner's mistake on my side?), and either increase the contrast between the griffin's outline and fill color, or remove the outline.

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Maddam i like the second one.. Because you choose right color for it.. Even fonts is also good but you need to solve spacing issue in this logo from bottom..

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Hey guys, I'm sure the logo was finished a long time ago. He was asking for advice 7 months ago.

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And this is apparently the way it ended up looking.

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Baaad rendering.

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Hi All! I recently was clicking around old links on my computer and came across this old thread. I hadn't noticed there were more comments! I really appreciate all your feedback (positive, negative and constructive criticism)

As a response to how it ended up looking, that is a very very bad representation on how it turned out. I am currently working with the business to hire a talented web designer to improve the quality of their site and design.

Even though some responses were "late" i am very grateful for your input. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with clients who are set on what they want even though the designer might have better ideas I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

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The first form of the griffin is great. Also, try to change the background color. It's a bit dark and would cover the design. Make the texts and graphic surface and come out.

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