typeface recommendation - modern-like, but different...

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Hi all,

Looking for a serif to pair with a surprisingly warm, humanistic geometric I came across. Client is trying to project complete competence and professionalism, but friendly approachability. Client has a brand history with a fairly cold Modern.

So I thought to find a typeface with vertical or near-vertical stress. I'd like fairly low contrast between thicks and thins (thicker thins, not thinner thicks), because I'm concerned about the letters falling apart in low-resolution situations (like web). I am leaning away from letterforms with serifs that are too substantial or chunky; a certain balance in the serifs between delicate elegance and being able to stand up in low rez situations.

**edit, insert** I'll just need normal, italic, bold, and bold italic. **end edit**

And, naturally, I thought that you would know better than I what a few viable options might be.


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@Amado: Well, could you show us the typeface that you want to pair with? And also provide more information on how the serif font would be used (titling, text block, etc.)? I feel nonobjective on suggesting anything, right now.

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My (admittedly unimaginative) typical formula is:

* in print, use the sans of a pairing for titles and subheads, and use the serif for body text.
* for electronic media, use the serif of a pairing for titles and subheads, and use the sans for body text.

This particular customer won't be writing a book, so print use will be limited to posters, postcards, brochures, mailers, and other small-scale publications (forms, invoices, etc). And there will be a website, so I usually like to find a sans I think might work for website body-text, and a serif that (usually in its Bold weight, but not always) stands up to being embedded with @font-face.

'zat 'nuf?



(* translation: "is that enough information to be helpful?")

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Have a look at Fayon.

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Excellent suggestion. Client loves it, I love it. Client doesn't like the price, but that's not a new story, is it?!?

I'll work on that, though.

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Abril might be an option.

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