Creating diacritics - composites or anchors?

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The title says it all.
While anchors speed up construction process, you can't use preview without generating glyphs.

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I haven't tried it myself, but Glyphs is reported to have a much improved system for building accented glyphs. I'd love to try it, but I work on a PC.

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You can preview the placement of diacritics on base glyphs in the previwe panel by using the Anchors tab. It is not very comfortable but it works...


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Yes, but I had Text or OT tabs in mind.

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Thanks Eigi, I'd never noticed the anchors tab!

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It is not one or the other. Anchors are tool to create composites quickly and consistently. When you have many diacritics positioned above/below certain character then use anchors. They are not very useful for positioning when only one accent is being placed and/or when the result needs to be decomposed and merged (e.g. aogonek, eogonek).

Nevertheless, if you find achors too confusing, just use composites. It is not such a big deal.

Note that anchors are not MM-compatible, that is their positions do not interpolate. You can fix that with some macros though. … or you can generate composites before interpolation.

Also, consider looking FLS manual for alias.dat. That can speed your process up a bit more.

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But how do you check problematic kerning pairs for accented glyphs created with anchors?

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